The glass can make the difference!

The glass can make the difference!

Numerous wine experts claim that it is not enough to have a good wine.
It should be served in the most suitable glass to enhance all its organoleptic properties too.

The shape of the glass can boost some special characteristics of the wine that otherwise would be lost if served in
the wrong glass.

Each grape variety carries a specific DNA:
the perfume, the consistency, the amount of sugar, the mineral content, the acidity.
All of these organoleptic properties can be emphasized with the right glass.

Wine glasses used to be thick and heavily decorated, sometimes coloured.
The colour and size of each glass can affect the perception of the liquid inside.
In the course of time, the first oval mouth-blown glasses were created, the opening of which was narrower.
They replaced the wine glasses with wide openings of this era.

It was decided to maintain the transparency of the glass, so that the only visible colour was that of wine.

Choosing the right glass for every drink is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of intensifying certain
taste properties.
There is even a machine called “sniffer-cam” that can detect the concentration distribution of ethanol vapour
emitting from different wine glasses and replicates two-dimensional images of it.
In every glass filled with wine, ethanol condenses at different times and different densities.

So the right glass can really make a difference!

And if it is crucial to use the correct glass for a perfect wine tasting, it is equally important to store the
wine bottle properly.

Serve and taste your favourite wines at the right temperature and store them correctly with our elegant
wine coolers.
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