Freezer vaccines and drugs -80°
Freezer vaccines and drugs -80°
Freezer vaccines and drugs -80°

Freezer vaccines and drugs -80°

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- Single Temperature
- Meas. H.900 x W.1035 x D.710 - kg. 100

VAT included



VAT included



Datron | Freezer -86 ° C, ideal for vaccines. Suitable for pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and nursing

Freezer by Datron suitable for storing and transporting vaccines. It reaches a temperature of -86 ° C.
Indispensable in the following professional areas: medical practices, pharmaceutical and hospital facilities,

With alarm sensor function, recording of the minimum and maximum temperature over 24 hours. The
Datron freezer is easy to use and thanks to its 4 wheels, 2 of which with brakes, it can be handily moved
and transported.

Made from innovative materials for a long service life. Low noise, modern design, suitable for any
environment, white.

– Adjustable temperature from -40 ° C to -86 ° C
– Interior lined with white fabric, resistant, durable and easy to clean
– 4 internal baskets
– Embraco compressor
– Internal foam thickness 115 mm
– With large wheels equipped with brakes, easy to move and fix
– Energy saving system, automatic cooling system
– High cooling capacity
– Low noise
– Easy and intuitive digital display
– TTL serial communication interface, TTL and RS485 can be connected as monitoring systems
– Key lock
– Alarm sensor function with sound and flashing light
– High temperature alarm
– Low temperature alarm
– Alarm function in the event of an error message
– Front ventilation grille
– Load capacity (without wheel) 98Kg
– Load capacity (with wheel) 66Kg
– Climate class (SN-N)

Operating instructions

Before using the freezer vaccines and drugs for the first time, we recommend removing the cap inside the cabin. It is in relation with the cap on the outside of the freezer. If the door is opened frequently, a vacuum effect can be created. By removing the front cap, the door opens easily again, and there is no risk of damaging the door handle. After closing the door, put the front cap back in place.


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