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Plan the perfect party!

Plan the perfect party!


We all know that when summer arrives, the desire to organize an outdoor party becomes irresistible.

Here are 7 good advices to organize a fantastic party!


1. Prepare the location
Create some space in the back yard and position the table and chairs.
Place the Datron wine buckets and serve your pleasantly fresh wine.
They will give your table a much more stylish look!



2. Define the menu 
If you do not know what to prepare, find a way to inform you about the preferences of your guests. Whether it is a multi-course dinner or a pleasant buffet, remember that the dishes should be served with the correct wine type. Therefore, remember to refill your Datron wine cooler before the party starts.


3. Watch out for decorations
Details make the difference, and if you choose the right ones, you score with your originality among your guests! To create the right atmosphere, place a few candles here and there and set up a fun corner with Datron’s party cooler. Thanks to its swivel wheels you can place the party cooler wherever you want 
and it will be easily reachable to all!


4. Organise music
Which party is without music? Create your playlist or hire a DJ. In any case, set up a music corner where to place a Datron wine dispenser easily accessible for your guests to serve themselves with drinks through a simple click!


5. Think about all 
At every party a “hard to please” guest is never missing!
But you planed also for this and you made sure to equip your beer and beverage cooler with all kind of drinks.


6. Light up the party with cocktails 
At every summer party a mojito should not be missing at the end of the evening!
Whether in the classic or in the version with fresh fruits, thanks to your Datron ice maker, you can serve your guests with refreshing cocktails.


7. Remember to have fun!
Important rule that we often forget when we organise a party: once the party evening has begun, have fun!






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