In summer use the ice bucket!

In summer use the ice bucket!

Also known as “seau a glace” or ice bucket, the wine bucket filled with ice cubes
becomes a great ally to keep wine bottles cool during lunch or dinner.

To express all its organoleptic properties, every wine must be tasted under
optimal conditions. The more structure and body a wine has, the higher its ideal
drinking and serving temperature.

In order to use the wine bucket correctly, a few things should be observed.
If you forgot to cool the wine bottle shortly in the fridge, you should never put
it in the freezer. Wine that is also only briefly placed in the freezer is at risk of
being given a thermal shock by the low temperatures and being ruined.

A bottle of wine is best served at the ideal drinking temperature and placed in
the ice bucket next to the table. To use the bucket correctly it is necessary to fill
it with ice cubes and cold water up to three quarters of its volume, in order to
immerse the wine bottle properly.
It would also be ideal to place the ice bucket on a column, so that the wine bottle
remains easily accessible and within reach when the glasses are to be filled.
Finally, keep a napkin handy to catch any drops of wine and to dry the bottle
immediately. To check if the temperature of the wine bottle inside the ice bucket
has actually reached the correct temperature, you can use a thermometer with
quick-read display.
It takes about twenty minutes for the wine to cool optimally and to be enjoyed at
the correct drinking temperature.

So then, have ice cubes ready and fill the wine bucket!
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