Wine Cooler: Measurements


The main feature when choosing a wine cooler are the measurements.


How many bottles do you want to store?

Our wine coolers can hold from 7 up to 200 bottles. The range goes from a small oven size up to the spaciousness of a wardrobe.


How much space do you have at home?

Choose a free-standing wine cooler that can be placed in the preferred location at home; or opt for a built-in model that can be installed in the kitchen, cupboard or niche.


Free-standing wine coolers need ventilation space on each side (5 centimetres on the sides, 5 centimetres on the top, 15 to 20 centimetres on the backside), but can be positioned anywhere in the house.


Built-in wine coolers are installed flush in niches and do not require any additional space (the bottom and backside of the wine cooler must not be completely sealed for optimal and correct ventilation).