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Also olive oil must be stored correctly!


Also olive oil must be stored correctly!

We all know that it is very important to use only high quality, cold-pressed and rigorously extra virgin olive oil for “raw” consumption and a daily and healthy diet.

It is also very important to know about the correct storage of extra virgin olive oil, so that it keeps its organoleptic properties intact.

In contrast to wine, the taste of olive oil does not refine over time. Rather, it ages and gradually loses its aromas and fragrances, which actually make it so valuable and extraordinary for cooking and consumption.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a condiment that needs to be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of a little more than a year, after it tends to become rancid. This deterioration is perfectly normal and is not due to improper storage during production. However, the way in which olive oil is kept in the household is crucial for its duration. Incorrect storage would mean ruining the product in a few months, or even a few weeks. It would be a shame to spoil our olive oil stock, especially considering its costs! Here are some suggestions to follow on how to store olive oil properly:


1. Always close it thoroughly and airtight if possible

Most olive oil containers are equipped with hermetic closures and it is not a case: this allows to perfectly store olive oil for a long time until opening, but only under the condition that it is kept at a constant room temperature and that it is protected from direct light. For the same reason, make sure to thoroughly close olive oil bottles and containers after each use. For example, natural cork stoppers are preferable to the screw cap, but only if they adhere well.


2. Find a cool storage place, but avoid the fridge

Constant temperature is one of the secrets to keep Extra Virgin Olive Oil fragrant and aromatic for as long as possible. The ideal solution is Datron’s Olive Oil Cooler which keeps the temperature in summer between 14 ° C and 18 ° C.


3. Avoid proximity to heat sources

The choice of the storage location is very important. Olive oil containers should not be kept near the stove, or on the shelves next to the stove, as these places often heats up together with the kitchen appliances. In the summer you will need to pay even more attention, specially if the olive oil bottle is placed on kitchen shelves. Make sure to find a shady place.


4. Glass or steel ok, but never plastic

One of the most dangerous conditions for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the light. Therefore, the product is usually bottled in brown, opaque glass bottles or tins. These containers are best to store olive oil at home. It would be better to avoid plastic bottles (PVC), as some pollutants could be absorbed by the olive oil. As an alternative to plastic, stainless steel would be preferable, it does not release any harmful substance and guarantees impenetrability of direct light. Olive oil in glass bottles should be stored in a cupboard and with its proper closure that does not contain metal parts that might rust.


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