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Summertime, store your wine in the best possible way!


Summertime, store your wine in the best possible way!

Summer has arrived, days are getting hotter and holiday preparations are now completed.

For all wine lovers, no matter how you decide to spend your summer, whether at home in your own city, on sunny beaches or in the mountains, you certainly don’t forget, in spite of the heat, of the pleasure that good wine can give you.
On hot summer days one prefers fresh drinks and also the nutrition adapts to the typical climatic conditions of this season. Our tables begin to abound with vegetable-based dishes, spices are used sparingly, food becomes less cooked and red wines, especially the full-bodied and fat ones, which are usually served with rich food, are replaced by lighter wines.

In summer season the consumption of white and sparkling wines increases significantly, above all because they are served at a low temperature and therefore more tempting. Each wine, according to its characteristics (light, structured, young, full-bodied), should be kept in a specific way, but generally the rules for correct storage are the same for all types of wine and can be applied throughout the year.

The ideal place for keeping wine is a wine refrigerator, and here are the reasons why your beloved wine should be stored there:
– The desired temperature can be set and remains constant according to the type of wine.
– The bottles should be kept in the dark, because the light accelerates wine maturation, especially if the bottles are made of transparent glass.
– The bottles should be laid horizontally. The constant contact of the wine with the cork keeps it moist and elastic and thus hermetically seals the glass bottle, air can not enter.

Yes, we know that we sound boring and repetitive, but wine is our passion and its correct storage lies in our hearts!

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