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Wine fridges become home furnishings!


Wine fridges become home furnishings!


We have good news for you: it is no longer necessary to live in a large country house to aspire to have a wine cellar.

A wine cellar is the ultimate luxury for those who collect wine for pleasure or as an investment.

Thanks to the various modern wine fridge solutions, it is possible to collect and store single or even hundreds of bottles in a normal one-family dwelling or a small flat.


The most important task of a wine cooler, of course, is to store the finest wine collections of selected vintage years under optimal conditions. A very important factor not to be missed, however, is the design of the wine fridge. The wine fridge that we choose should perfectly match with the interior design style of our home and merge harmoniously with the existing furniture.

When we talk about furniture, Datron’s wine fridges come into play immediately: The elegance of modern design, characterised by comfort and maximum functionality! Among the many models of Datron’s wine coolers, we find diverse solutions with small dimensions. They are the most chosen by those who want to place a freestanding wine fridge at home, as an alternative to a built-in version. The elegant and minimalist lines of Datron’s wine coolers are suitable for different interior design styles.

The doors with stainless steel or black mirrored glass frame give your existing furnishing elements even more character.

You can install the wine cooler in the living room to recreate an ideal place to receive friends. This is to show you that, at times, the wine cooler are used not only as household appliances but also as design objects.

This is why Datron’s wine coolers meet the needs of contemporary living; in addition to the technology the master is: the great refinement of design.


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