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Our advices to use the wine coolers: some simple guidelines will make the difference!


Our advices to use the wine coolers: some simple guidelines will make the difference!

Here’s how to use Datron’s dual zone temperature wine coolers in a correct and energy-saving way.

In the dual zone wine fridge, the temperature in the upper area must always be lower than the temperature in the area underneath.

The cooling is done by a single compressor that cools the upper area. The cold goes down in the lower area that changes the temperature through a heater. In order to ensure the most energy-efficient operation of Datron’s dual temperature zone wine cooler, it is recommended to not exceed 5 ° C of temperature difference between upper and lower zone.

Too large temperature difference between the two zones forces a continuous on and off switching of the heater and that consequently increases energy consumption. Please note that not all environments are appropriate to place a wine cooler. Make sure that there is enough air circulation and that there are no strong odors.

The wine coolers are equipped with active charcoal filters, but some odors are too intense, such as cleaning agents, fuels, cold cuts, tobacco or similar.

Wine breathes through its cork and there is a risk that strong odors will be absorbed. Avoid placing the wine cooler on floors with heating, or near other heat sources.


It may cause overheating of the engines. If the wine cooler is placed on hard surfaces and floors, or is leaned against walls, the noise can seem louder than it actually is. In this case you can intervene by placing a polystyrene pad under the wine cooler.

If the wine cooler is installed in environments with high humidity, there is a risk of natural water condensation. In this case, remove any residual water that may form, as it affects the taste of the wine.

Follow our few minor operating precautions for the wine coolers and your wine storage will never again be a problem.

Datron helps you to enjoy your wine at the right drinking temperature.

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