Get ready to toast without a bang!

Get ready to toast without a bang!

While in the collective imagination sparkling wine is preferably opened with bang, the etiquette
reminds us that it is better not to do so. Here are some tips you should follow to celebrate the
best parties!

The opening of a champagne bottle, or wine with bubbles, is often associated with festive
moments. Volume and celebration mood increase, joyful and light-hearted atmosphere is
spreading. However, opening a sparkling wine bottle should always be controlled, not only to
toast as stylish as possible, but above all to avoid wasting a single drop of the Champagne.

To start, you can proceed to remove the capsule by cutting off the foil below the large lip of the
bottle with a wine key. Many capsules are equipped with a tab that facilitates the removal
of the foil around the bottle, in this case the wine key is not needed any more.

Once the capsule with its foil is completely removed, grasp the neck of the bottle with one hand,
taking care to hold the cap (which can suddenly fly off like a bullet) with the thumb.
With the other hand, begin to loosen the cage.

Then, hold the cap firmly with one hand, and with the other hand twist the base of the bottle,
taking care to contain the effect of pressure and rotation on the bottle (dissolved carbon
dioxide produces internal pressure that pushes on the cork with undesirable effects).

At one point you will hear a hiss, now stop the rotation and gently release the last part of the cap,
still hidden in your hand: Then finally it’s time, you are ready to toast!

Keep in mind that it is sufficient to keep the bottle at an 45-degree angle, and do not shake
it before opening it to avoid unwanted champagne showers. 🙂

Now you are ready to toast!

Uncorking a sparkling wine bottle with a bang would result in a sudden loss of carbon dioxide
in the bottle, and consequently the content would foam over.

Now that you’ve got all the tips on how to open best a sparkling wine bottle, remember that proper
wine storage, like those in our wine coolers, is just as important.

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