Wine Cooler Humidity

The humidity in wine plays a decisive role and affects the storage of wine bottles. The humidity level in the wine cooler should  be between 60% and 80%. In fact an excessively dry environment could cause the cork to contract and contaminate the wine with air. On the contrary, too high humidity could favour the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

In the Datron wine coolers air humidity rate varies between 65% and 75%. Since it is not possible to regulate the humidity directly, several factors have to be considered.


Wine Cooler Humidity: Ambience

Avoid environments with high humidity, they lead to a natural condensation reaction. Seasonal temperature fluctuations can also affect the operation of the wine cooler. It is recommended to immediately remove any residual water that could damage the wine.


Wine Cooler Humidity: Usage

Avoid sudden temperature changes in the wine cooler by opening the door as little and as briefly as possible.


Wine Cooler Humidity: Bottles

Always make sure that the bottles in the wine cooler are not damp, as this can form mould. For correct maintenance we recommend a periodic monthly cleaning of the wine cooler.