Wine Cooler Installation | Datron

According to your furnishing needs and available space, the Datron wine cooler can be free-standing or built-in.

Free-standing wine cooler
Free-standing wine coolers are real pieces of furniture, that can be placed in any room of the living area and only need a ventilation space on each side.
Freestanding wine coolers cannot be installed into a built-in unit and require to ensure correct functioning at least: 5 centimetres on the sides, 5 centimetres on the top, 15 to 20 centimetres on the backside.

Built-in wine coolers
Built-in wine coolers can be placed in a niche or in a space closed on 3/4 sides.

You can choose between three types of built-in wine coolers: 

> Under Counter: Built-in Wine Coolers Under Counter are installed in the spaces dedicated to big appliances and are placed in the lower area of the kitchen, such as the dishwasher.Standard width measures measurements 59.5 cm. 

> Column: Built-in Wine Coolers Column are characterised by a height development and can be placed directly on the floor or be incorporated into the kitchen.

> Oven: Built-in Wine Coolers wall oven size have smaller sizes and can be installed on the kitchen wall in the oven spaces. 

Built-in wine coolers can also be used free-standing or inside a niche, not closed on three sides. In order to function correctly, they must not be sealed at the back and base to allow the fans to ventilate.

Built-in Wine Coolers wall oven size

Built-in Wine Coolers Under Counter

Built-in Wine Coolers Column

How to install the wine coolers
The wine coolers do not need to be assembled, just plugged in and set the proper temperature on the display.