Proper maintenance of the wine cooler



Proper maintenance of your wine refrigerator is essential to preserve its flawless functioning over time.

Cleaning the wine cooler

The first fundamental factor of maintenance is care.
It is necessary to regularly clean the surfaces of the wine cooler, keep the bottles clean and dry, remove dust and contamination that accumulate in the fans or on the back and which could create harmful environments for the wine.

To clean the wine cooler we recommend a soft cloth and neutral detergent, always paying attention to dry everything thoroughly.

The positioning and installation of the Wine Cooler

To avoid malfunctions and contribute to proper maintenance of the wine cooler it is essential to follow the instructions for positioning and use from the first installation:

  • Avoid direct contact with other heat sources on the sides of the cabin and on the back of the wine cooler.
  • Do not place objects inside the wine cooler that may give off odours and consequently damage the taste of the wine.
  • In the case of built-in wine coolers, the ventilation base must not be obstructed at the bottom.
  • Avoid placing heavy weights on the wine cooler.
  • Always check that the wine cooler door is properly closed.
  • Depending on the model, more or less free space must be guaranteed around the wine cooler.
  • With underfloor heating, increased air circulation around the wine refrigerator must be guaranteed.
  • In the dual zone wine cooler it is necessary to maintain temperatures that do not exceed a difference of 5° C between the upper and lower zones; (Example: 10 ° C zone above – 15 ° C zone below).

Our recommendations in the event of malfunctions:

If your wine cooler shows error messages or signs of malfunction, try to follow our advice first before contacting assistance.

  • Turn off the unit (OFF button) and disconnect it from the power supply for 24 hours.
  • Check that the bottles placed inside do not obstruct the sensors, ventilation or outlet channels.
  • In case of high noise level in the wine refrigerator, the fans must be cleaned.

Ice formation in the wine cooler

In the presence of high outside and inside temperatures or high humidity, ice can build up in the wine cooler. If this happens, even in the presence of an incorrect setting, we recommend that you:

  • For dual zone wine coolers, make sure that the difference in degree between the upper and the lower zone is no more than 5° to 6° C.
  • Unplug the wine cooler for 24 hours.
  • If there is a large amount of ice build-up, place an additional collecting container on the back of the wine cooler.
  • Then switch the wine cooler back on.

For further information, please contact our support.