Wine: 7 mistakes to avoid in summer!

1 – Fill the glass too much
If you’ve always wondered why wine glasses are generally thick-bellied, there’s a reason: The width of the body of the glass allows the diffusion of aromas, perfumes, fragrances and favours so
the taste.
If you pour your glass too full, the taste of wine will be less!
So do not do it: you can still pour a second glass afterwards!

2 – Holding a wine glass incorrectly
How you hold the glass in your hand makes the difference!
Yes, because if you touch the body of the glass, you may heat up the wine and alter its taste.
If we then have our hands full of sunscreen, the effect could be really terrible!
Always hold the glass at its base, or at the stem.

3 – Use plastic cups
And we still keep talking about wine glasses! Glass as a material is often underestimated, but it contributes substantially to a good wine taste.
Plastic cups are the hit at summer garden parties, but we stand on the side of the wine: please avoid plastic!
The rule is: glass or crystal yes, but never plastic for wine!

4 – Cooling the wine too much
Attention should be paid to the serving temperature. Generally the storage temperature is indicated on the wine label, and it is good to follow it in order to taste the wine at best.
Also, be careful not to freeze (or go near it) the bottle because it will compromise taste, flavour, aroma, and the pleasure of a good glass of wine.
Wine is alive: it is a dynamic liquid, which comes from the earth and goes through phases of growth and change.

5 – Ice cubes in the wine
No, no, and once again no!
It may seem at first like a good idea to speed up the cooling of wine. But we assure you that this is not the case.
Wine stretched with water thus loses its special bouquet.
Do you want a compromise? Ice cubes are OK, but only OUTSIDE the glass.

6 – Red wine at room temperature
If 30° C prevail, then you should not serve any drink at room temperature!
This rule also applies to red wines. We recommend cooling it to a temperature of 16 ° – 18 ° C.
Wine should not have taboos: you just have to consume it in the correct way, respecting its characteristics.
So you can also enjoy a Chianti in midsummer!

7 – Sparkling wine and Muscatel only for parties
Lately a general but wrong credo has spread: in the summer you drink beer, and the wine is for cold seasons!
Nothing more wrong! A glass of sparkling wine, or a sweet sip of Muscatel are light and refreshing drinks.
They are an alternative for those who want a less strong drink. Try it!

So do not be alarmed when it gets very hot!
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