A perfect summer with the ice maker!

A perfect summer with the ice maker!

When the summer is upon us, the need to always have ice cubes available to refresh our
beverages or prepare special drinks, increases.

Datron presents a selection of different ice makers that can be used for both professional and
private purposes.

But let’s take a look at some features you should consider to find the perfect ice maker for you:

This aspect is very important because it is closely related to the quantity of ice cubes that can
be dispensed. One of the advantages of having an ice maker is that the cubes can be made
in just a few minutes, so that ice is available when it is needed. The speed with which the ice
cubes are emitted depends mainly on the power of the motor: the higher the wattage, the faster
the ice cube output works.

2. Water tank
Among the differences that allow us to distinguish the various ice makers, there is also the
water supply system. It varies depending on the overall size and the intended use of the ice
maker. For example, for domestic use a direct connection to the water supply is not very useful.
The home-use models have a tank that must be filled with drinking water.

3. Size of ice cubes
Many of our ice makers allow you to choose the desired cube size. This is very useful for the
preparation of drinks and in the kitchen. The ice cubes are used to make cocktails or drinks.
In the kitchen instead, ice cubes are mainly used to quickly cool vegetables and leaves after
blanching. This trick is used by great chefs to preserve the brilliant colours of the ingredients
and avoid oxidation.

4. Display
Thanks to the interface it is possible to set the ice production process. In some models it is
possible to start the cleaning process, in others it will be done automatically.

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