Summer is coming: pay attention to red wine!

Summer is coming: pay attention to red wine!

Heat is not a good ally of red wine. At high temperatures, red wine tends to spoil quickly.
During the warm season, many prefer white or rosé wines. But there are those who
won’t renounce at a good glass of red wine even in the summer.

With some forethought, red wine fans can enjoy their drink even in summer.
Datron’s wine coolers are the best solution for a correct storage and to keep wine
at the ideal serving temperature.

Proper storage of wine not only helps to maintain its organoleptic properties, but it
preserves also all the flavour of wine. Temperature, light and oxygen exposure ruin
It is therefore important to protect wine from light and heat and to keep it in a cool and
dry place. It is also necessary to close opened bottles with their corks.

But is it then a heresy to avoid red wine consumption in the summer?
The misunderstanding lies in the recommendation to serve red wine “at room temperature”,
of what „room“ are we talking about?

The ideal room temperature is around 20° C. If red wines are usually kept between 16
and 18 degrees, in the summer with the warmth one has the perception that the wine is
cooler than it actually is. You can lower the storage temperature even further, down to
11-14 degrees. But be careful not to overdo the cooling, excessive cooling can reduce
aromas and softness of wine.

So, now there are no more doubts: with our recommendations you can enjoy red wine
even in the summer!

Datron offers the best solutions for proper storage and service with a wide range of
wine coolers.
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