How noisy is a wine cooler?

How noisy is a wine cooler?

Our customers ask this question very often and therefore we would like to deepen this topic in our post today!

Datron’s wine coolers are equipped with compressor and internal ventilation system. To refrigerate wine bottles it is sufficient to set the desired temperature on the display and the electrical appliance then lowers the internal temperature. This process activates the compressor, a noisy component, that can disturb the quiet at home. The same applies to the fan that is activated to facilitate air circulation, to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors, and to help the refrigeration system to maintain a constant temperature inside the refrigerator.

If we look at other important household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines or freezers, we find that they are usually positioned in the kitchen or in other areas separated from living or bed room, since the noise generated by them could negatively affect the quality of life and relaxation, especially during the sleeping hours.

It is still possible to place the wine cooler in the living room or bedroom, or near them, just check that the noise level does not exceed the specified decibel. Datron’s wine coolers have an average of 40 dB, which can be considered low with this type of applicane.

It may happen that the noise of the wine refrigerator increases during its use. This is due mostly to misuse, which negatively affect the noise. For example, built-in wine coolers must not be completely sealed at the backside. Free space must be available to allow ventilation. Freestanding models must have 5 cm free space on each side (including the top) and 15-20 cm on the back side of the wine cooler. Hard surfaces, floors and walls can make seem noises louder than they really are. In general, it is not advisable to place wine refrigerators next to other electrical appliances.

Respecting Datron’s instruction manuals is therefore very important. For example, it is recommended to not place the wine cooler near heat sources, to level it properly and to turn it off completley if the ambient temperatur exceeds 40° C. Conclusion – The noise of a wine cooler can not be considered a defect.


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