Do smells really affect wine maturation?

Do smells really affect wine maturation?

There are many factors that can negatively affect good and proper conservation, and among these we certainly find smells. Our wine should be kept in a sheltered, but also ventilated, dark, humid, cool and quiet place away from vibrations and bad odour sources.

Wine should be kept away from particularly strong odours such as varnishes, solvents or other chemical components. Apart from these artificial smells it is better to avoid also strong food odours. Strong “smelling” foods such as onions, garlic, truffles, etc. risk to be absorbed by the wine.

In order to guarantee a good storage, it is however advisable to ensure a correct and regular hygiene of the wine refrigerator. It is important to follow a constant cleaning both inside the wine cooler and when loading wine bottles. The bottles should be inserted only if clean and dry.

Another precaution to consider is the noise factor. Vibrations can disturb the maturation of wine, but we must not become too fanatic in this sense. Certainly, it is preferable not to place the wine refrigerator in particularly loud places such rail or subway stations. Normal micro vibrations do not damage the product.

And finally, to maintain the elasticity of the cork stoppers, it is better to store bottles laid flat, so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine. In wine cellars with particularly high humidity a horizontal storage of the bottles has little relevance. Humidity prevents the cork from drying out and thus keeps it elastic.

That’s why the choice of the wine cooler is fundamental for those who want to keep proper their wine stock, wine collection or just a single bottle, to open on a special occasion.

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