50 shades of rose: A novel about rosé wine

50 shades of rose: A novel about rosé wine

Rosé wine can be light and arrant, but also strong and structured. It takes certain
sensitivity and attention to appreciate this wine. Rosé wine is multi-layered and refined,
balanced between different nuances and aromas.

Some advice to keep in mind when you make your choice:

1 – First, the wine bottle and especially the label must be presented to you, even if the
bottle is already open. In this way, the guest can look at all important information about
the wine before making its final decision.



2- The wine should be tasted by someone at the table.

3 – And if we want to taste another wine by the glass? The glass must always be clean,
best if aseptic and odourless. If it is the same wine, but of a new bottle, it should never
be poured into a half-empty glass, after you’ve made sure that it is not flawed.



4 – Wine by the glass also follows the classic rules when it comes to the correct serving
temperature: white wine between 6 and 8 degrees, red wine between 14 and 18 degrees.



5 – Wines served by the glass often go to the fridge in the meantime. However, avoid
exposing open wine bottles to excessive temperature differences for too long time.
The best would be to keep wine in the wine cooler.



This is where Datron, the specialist in wine coolers, comes into play. Our wide range of
products deals with every requirement.

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