UV rays? No thanks!

UV rays? No thanks!

Ultraviolet rays create a chemical reaction in the wine and change its structure.
The more UV rays a wine receives, the less it is preserved.

The consequences of exposure to light are clearly visible to the wine! Red wines
lose tone, while white wines take on the typical yellowish colour. UV exposure
ruins the balance of the wine and flattens its aromas. Producers therefore choose
bottles made of brown or green glass, capable of absorbing most UV rays.
However, that is not enough, and the wine bottles should always be stored in
the dark.

This is why the glass doors of Datron’s wine coolers have UV protection.
They consist of two glass panels, internally made of fumed glass and externally
metallised. This composition reflects harmful UV rays, preventing the deterioration
of the wine.

Why then are lights still present in the wine cooler? Because these LED-lights
are wine-friendly and energy-saving.

LED lights ensure that the interior of the wine cooler is uniformly illuminated but
without emitting UV rays. Moreover, thanks to the reduced heat emission of these
LED lights, the wine bottles can be illuminated and presented for a longer time,
without any harm to the wine.

Also the light colour can be chosen in the Datron wine coolers. In the product line
Luxury blue, red or purple lights can be set.

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